Charities we support

At ProMag, we care about this wonderful world we live in but most importantly, the people in it. Our directors Stu and Trish Freeman have supported boutique charity Hands Across the Water since 2010. This charity supports orphans of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand.

It provides children and those in need with a caring and educational environment; allowing them to learn and expand their opportunities, empowering them to unite with the community. Every cent that is donated to Hands goes directly to the children. There are no administration fees and all of the people who 'work' for Hands are volunteers.

Both Stu and Trish have donated their time and money to the charity for eight years now. Stu did voluntary work at Home Hug Orphanage in Yasothon, Thailand in 2010 while Trish has cycled in three charity bike rides in Thailand for the cause. They also sponsor a young man from Home Hug Orphanage named Tong.

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