Marketing as a broker – Sarah’s successful formula

Marketing as a broker – Sarah’s successful formula

Hamilton-based Sarah Weaver had only been a broker with Travel Managers Group (TMG) for seven months when she won the group’s Marketing Achievement Award last year and she says communication and engagement with customers are key to success.

‘In the early couple of months, while building my client base, I had the time to set up my Facebook business page and put a lot of thought into how I wanted it to look; learnt a lot about good content and how to get engagement and reach to make my posts seen, when to post and who

to target.

‘The award was all about the growth and set up of my page. Now I schedule posts daily, share interesting and engaging content and talk with my customers on my page to get to know them. That’s the key to a successful page – not just selling and posting sales or deals but communication and engaging with them.’

Weaver remains upbeat about her decision to be a travel broker.

'You can’t beat the flexibility and freedom that being a broker brings you. There is also the ability to earn more and work a lot less hours. I’m not being told when to start in the morning, when to take a lunch break, or finish my day; and because of that I can be much more productive and flexible to meet with my clients when it suits them, and how long I need to work each day.

‘To be successful you need to be a jack of all trades, which isn’t for everyone. There’s more to it than just being a good consultant, you need to be a good networker, a marketer, efficient, and organised. It’s harder for the reps to see us sometimes, but that depends on your location and relationship with them to a certain extent.’

Weaver says that along with extra earning power, brokers have the time to build a closer rapport with clients.

‘There’s no distraction from other phones ringing or covering someone else’s annual leave or sick days. My clients get my complete attention and I find that my customer service levels have increased.’

And Weaver says her local area provides a strong travel audience.

‘The Hamilton market is buoyant, people are travelling further these days and going to more interesting places and looking for more experiential travel, as well as the usual packages to Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand and Europe.’