Innovative Travel product manager Anthony Gardiner at the Pyramids Innovative Travel product manager Anthony Gardiner at the Pyramids

Egypt is back and ready for travellers

Innovative Travel’s product manager Anthony Gardiner has recently returned from an inspection of Egypt – and enjoyed the experience so much he is already planning his return trip.


Egypt has long drawn visitors from around the world to experience the incredible sights of this destination. But following the Arab Spring revolution, over seven years ago, many tour companies pulled out. Innovative Travel has remained in the market throughout this period and kept abreast of all changes that Egypt has gone through. With Tourist Police at all sites, and visitor numbers still climbing back to their peak, there has not been a better time to visit the destination, the company says.


 ‘The pyramids and temples were stunning, but it was the warmth and hospitality of the local people which really made this trip for me’ says Anthony Gardiner. ‘The accommodation providers are all geared up for the mass return of tourists with historic hotels such as the Old Cataract in Aswan, a stunning example of what a hotel should be like. Coupled with the converted palaces and old world luxury, new providers such as the St Regis are opening up. I was blown away by the St Regis in Cairo, due to open in August. This will be one of the best hotels in the country, and one which Innovative Travel now has personal experience with. ‘I also experienced the Innovative Travel exclusive behind the scenes tour of the new Grand Museum of Cairo, due to open early next year.


'Walking through the laboratories where they are painstakingly restoring all of King Tutankhamun’s treasures, and being personally thanked by the Museum Director for our support showed me just how much the 28 year relationship means to the local operators who have experienced recent challenges.’ Being the only travel wholesaler in the southern hemisphere who can oer behind the scenes tours of the new Grand Museum prior to public opening is just one of the benefits Innovative Travel can secure for clients. From its VIP meet and assist inside immigration, to local offices throughout Egypt and a Cairo-based director, Innovative Travel’s relationship with Egypt runs deep.