Tess Willcox Tess Willcox

WRD's eco-conscious CEO

World Resorts of Distinction has announced the appointment of sustainable travel advocate and industry virtuoso, Tess Willcox, as owner and CEO.


Willcox has been a crucial member of the WRD team since 2004, when she joined the company as a sales executive fresh out of university with a Bachelor of Communications. Fourteen years later, she has purchased the business that has not only defined her career but has also allowed her to pursue her passion – championing environmental awareness.


Willcox notes that while the travel industry has many cultural and economic benefits; it also, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the environment. ‘WRD was borne out of our desire to combat the negative environmental toll of the global travel industry and provide the growing number of conscious travellers with more responsible options,’ Willcox says.

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