Megan Bishop… future of the travel industry is bright Megan Bishop… future of the travel industry is bright

House of Travel Taupo 20 years on

A move by clients back to travel agencies is one of the trends being shared by House of Travel Taupo.


The shop is celebrating 20 years of business and owner / operator of the past year and a half Megan Bishop says customers are realising they can get the same price from agents as they do on the internet – the bonus is that with an agent they get the service as well. ‘Often we hear from people who make errors, have to cancel something and then ring 10 people instead of one (to sort things out). They realise it is far easier to come to us.’


Bishop says it is always a ‘treat’ to celebrate a momentous milestone. ‘Our business is going from strength to strength and we are excited about the future of the travel industry.’ House of Travel Taupo has a team of five and has grown in the past year. Bishop says she has made a decision to bring young people through the industry and recently employed someone from the Polytech in Rotorua. ‘We need to be training people for the future of the industry.’

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