Easter Island Easter Island

Explora en Rapa Nui

Adventure World Travel has a new offer for one of Easter Island’s most celebrated hotels: explora Rapa Nui.


Located eight kilometres from Hanga Roa, explora Rapa Nui is surrounded by trees, prairies and views to the Pacific Ocean. On foot, bicycle or boat, there are 30 exploration opportunities that unveil the island’s history and charm such as a trip to the archaeological site Ahu Akahanga, The Moai quarry or Terevaka volcano, the highest point of the island. A package including three nights accommodation in a Vanua Room, all meals and beverages, daily explorations and transfers and is now priced from $3129 per person for travel from now until 31 March 2019. www.adventureworld.co.nz/chile/explora-en-rapa-nui/

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