Philippines: the new & different Featured

Eric Boroy, of The Baron Travel Corporation, says surfing is becoming more and more popular, especially in the months of September and October. A recommended spot for the activity is Siagao Island. Boroy also highlights the 8.2 kilometre long underground river at Puerto Princesca, a World Heritage Site. 


Penny Henderson, Pack Ya Bags, is a long time supporter of and visitor to the Philippines. She was also a presenter at the Auckland Philippines Tourism event last week. ‘There are so many places (in the world) with beautiful beaches and friendly people. That’s almost a given and you need a real point of difference. For the Philippines, I think that is the combination of Asia, Spain, Pacific Islands, the USA and Filipino flavours and culture. They speak English and it’s totally affordable.’


Henderson refers to one happy hour in Manila that lasts three hours and gives guests as many Margaritas they can drink in that time – for approximately $8. ‘You can do family holidays in a four-star hotel – four adults with breakfast – for $250 a night.’ The Philippines roadshow visited Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland – the first time the destination has included the three stops on its roadshow itinerary.