Asia Pacific passengers have shallow pockets when it comes to extras

Asia Pacific passengers have shallow pockets when it comes to extras

Asia Pacific travellers are among the least likely splash out for airline ancillary services – and they take a little while longer to plan their travels too.

That is according to a Sabre Corporation survey looking into how much people are willing to pay for services such as seats, bags and food when travelling.

The survey, which covered travellers from 20 countries, revealed 80% of travellers purchased air extras on their last trip, spending an average of US$62. When asked if they would spend more to personalise their trip, the answer was ‘yes’ – up to US$99 if it improved the travel experience.

But that didn’t include Asia Pacific travellers, it seems. The region currently spends US$63, but passengers were only willing to spend up to US$76 – the lowest among all areas.

On the other end of the scale, Africa passengers currently spend on average US$95 and were willing to hike that amount to US$144 to up their creature comforts.

When asked what they would be most likely to spend money on, the most-desired ancillaries were cabin class upgrades,food and beverage, seating and extra leg room (at 11%). This was followed by wifi (9%) and extra checked baggage (9%).

The popularity of each ancillary varied between travellers from each region. Asia Pacific travellers will apparently cough up more for extra checked luggage.

Meanwhile, North Americans and Europeans will spend on preferred seating and extra leg room, Latin Americans pay for wifi and travellers from Africa and the Middle East go for food and beverage as well as fast-track security.

While technology is preferred by most travellers to plan and book travel, human interaction still plays a significant role in some countries. In Latin America, almost half (48%) prefer the help of a consultant to plan and book travel, compared to around a third of travellers from other regions – 37% in the Middle East, 36% in Asia, 35% in Africa and North America, and 33% in Europe.

African travellers were the fastest planners, with 33% saying they spent less than a day planning their last trip compared to just 12% of travellers from Asia Pacific. At the other end of the scale, Americans took some time planning trip with 9% taking more than a month to do so.