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CX releases 2016 report

Cathay Pacific Airways has released their sustainable development report for 2016, illustrating what was a groundbreaking year for the airline. Last year Cathay Pacific said goodbye to the Boeing 747 and welcomed in the Airbus A350-900, which delivers enhanced environmental performance and will accelerate carbon efficiency and reduce emissions going forward.

Cathay Pacific chief executive officer, Rupert Hogg, says, ‘These fuel efficient, technologically advanced aircraft will enhance the flying experience for our customers as well as offering a significant improvement in environmental performance by using less fuel and being quieter. The net result of this will be a modern and efficient fleet that will drive up our overall fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.’ Last year also saw Cathay Pacific take their inflight sustainability initiative a step further by creating their own sustainable products. These include inflight blankets, which are made from recycled plastic materials, and napkins, which are made from 70% sugarcane material. A huge effort towards inflight recycling saw Cathay Pacific recycle 22,066kg of aluminium cans, 20,242kg of plastic bottles, 10,799kg of plastic cups and 517,048kg of wine bottles.

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