Etihad crew celebrate a successful biofuel flight Etihad crew celebrate a successful biofuel flight

Plants power Etihad flight

Etihad Airways has operated the world’s first commercial flight using locally produced sustainable fuel.


The Boeing 787 flew from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam powered by GE’s GEnx1B engines using fuel derived from Salicornia plants grown in saltwater at Abu Dhabi’s SEAS farm. The SEAS farm at Masdar City is the world’s first desert ecosystem designed to produce fuel and food in saltwater. Fish and shrimp raised at the facility provide nutrients for the plants as well as contribute to the UAE’s food production. Over the next few years the system is expected to scale up to 200 hectares in the move towards full-scale commercial implementation. Approximately 160,000 passenger flights have flown on a blend of sustainable and traditional jet fuel since the first biofuels were certified for commercial use in 2011.

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