Excite Holidays new campaign The Music That Made America Excite Holidays new campaign The Music That Made America

America’s music with Excite

Excite Holidays has launched its latest campaign, The Music That Made America, in conjunction with Brand USA, Travel Portland and Choose Chicago.


The three-week campaign runs from now to Sunday 22 July, and takes agents on a journey throughout the key music cities, including Portland and Chicago. The first week of the campaign will focus on Portland, whilst the second week will shine on Chicago. During these two weeks, the guide will explore each of the genres, icons and destinations that have shaped America’s identity in these diverse cities. In the third week, the guide takes on a different direction and will explore four musical genres. It will detail how these contrasting genres have influenced various cities across America, including New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta and many more.


Each week features an eight-page downloadable guide with all the best places to eat, stay, play, and listen to the city’s best beats. Excite Holidays is offering agents 500 bonus rewards points for every night booked in Portland between Monday 2 and Sunday 8 July. Click here for more info.

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