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Remote areas of Peru are becoming more accessible with new ights Remote areas of Peru are becoming more accessible with new ights

Ancient Peru ‘more accessible’

Eclipse Travel is reminding agents that from 30 August this year, Peru’s Chachapoyas and Kuélap will become more accessible, with domestic airline LC Perú announcing direct flights between Lima and Chachapoyas each Thursday and Sunday.


These new flights will give visitors the opportunity to maximise their time at the ancient fortress of Kuélap, learning about the ‘Cloud Warriors’ who inhabited the area centuries ago. Chachapoyas is a remote Peruvian city visited mainly by hikers and adventurers, previously isolated by limited bus connections and a lack of commercial flights.


The city is known as the Gateway to Kuélap which is considered by many to be the ‘Machu Picchu of the north’. The fortress of Kuelap is believed to have been built between 600 and 900 years before Machu Picchu and is both larger and on a higher mountain than its southern counterpart, with over 550 structures on the site. There are ample opportunities to get off the beaten track with itineraries incorporating ancient culture, natural landscapes and wildlife in the area.


Eclipse Travel can tailor make itineraries to combine this destination with other destinations within Latin America.