Game on for Penang

Game on for Penang

As New Zealand opened its arms last week to about 25,000 athletes taking part in the 2017 World Masters Games, Penang stepped up to the plate to promote its own major sporting event.  
The Asia Pacific Masters Games (APMG) Penang 2018 was officially launched at a function in Auckland on Friday. They are the first multi-sport Masters Games to be staged in Asia and will be held from 8 to

16 September, 2018.
International World Masters Games CEO Jens Holm attended the event, and says Penang’s culture, sporting venues and accommodation options made it a perfect fit for the event, which is expected to draw at least 3500 athletes to the destination.
The World Masters Games has pumped about $53 million into the New Zealand economy, and it was acknowledged the Asia Pacific games are also a financial shot in the arm for Penang and its tourism industry.
Penang Global Tourism chief executive officer Chok Yan, speaking at the launch, revealed tourism has been boosted since it gained UNESCO World Heritage Status in 2008.
Historic buildings have been restored and there are several new attractions including Entopia (a butterfly park), Escape (outdoor adventure) and The Habitat (rainforest experience), while the street food and the restaurant scene are also flourishing, Yan says.  
Penang is also enjoying increased connectivity with 91 flights a week from Singapore and 151 weekly flights from Kuala Lumper.
Attending the event, Active Asia’s Lance Mould says the revitalisation of George Town as well as next year’s games made it a perfect time to refocus on Penang. ‘I’m already thinking what we can do product-wise,’ he says.

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