Soak up Japan

Soak up Japan

With ski season in Japan just around the corner, Visit Kinosaki says travellers should head to Kinosaki Onsen before or after a week of skiing and snowboarding to wind down in its many ‘hot springs.

Alison-Roberts Brown, regional director of Visit Kinosaki in Australia, says Kinosaki is an absolute must for those wanting to go beyond the slopes and get a taste of the real japan.

‘It’s the perfect way to treat yourself to a dose of cultural indulgence before heading back home. So we really recommend taking that trip to the mainland after a ski holiday for you will be rewarded with some of the most

culturally immersive experiences you can get in Japan and the world,’ she says. 

‘And what better place is there to warm yourself up after a frosty ski holiday, than in some of the world’s finest onsens?’