Mountaineering in Asia

Mountaineering in Asia

Mountaineering presents opportunities for the development of the tourism industry in Asia’s mountainous regions, especially among younger visitors, according to GlobalData.

Konstantina Boutsioukou, tourism analyst at GlobalData, says the Alps, as well as mountains in the US, have traditionally been among the favourite destinations for mountain climbers.

‘However, as travellers – especially younger ones – are seeking more from their holidays, wilder winter destinations in Asia are expected to become increasingly popular.’

Boutsioukou adds that to further Mountaineering in Asia – market potential benefit from alpine tourism, national and local governments must recognise the great potential that lies in the development of mountaineering expeditions and proceed by incentivising local businesses to invest in tourism by actively introducing packages that combine mountaineering with culinary and cultural tours.

‘By introducing such itineraries, also at lower prices, Asian countries will be able to compete with more developed alpine resorts in Europe and the US, hence attracting a growing number of tourists looking for deeper fulfilment through their travels.’