Sailing in Langkawi

Sailing in Langkawi

Some 104 islands lay off the coast of Pulau Langkawi in Malaysia.

Exotic Holidays is currently promoting a Langkawi sailing and island hopping adventure that will take clients to the white sandy beaches of Pulau Dayang Bunting or Pulau Singa, for ‘tropical vibes, colourful wildlife and ultimate relaxation’.

Exotic Holidays’ managing director, Rahul Sharma, says travellers can set sail on a luxury yacht from Langkawi and take a two-hour ride to a nearby island.

‘While aboard the ship they will have time to take in the sights, including archipelagos and incredible birds and fish. They enjoy a barbecue lunch on the ship, with beer, cocktails, wine and soft drinks as they relax and unwind against the scenic backdrop of this natural landscape,’ Sharma adds.

Guests have time to wander the beaches or explore the mangrove forests upon arrival at one of Langkawi’s islands and may spot monkeys, lizards or eagles.

They can hike through the thick jungles or just soak up some sun before returning by luxury yacht to Pulau Langkawi.