Trekking in the western Ghat region Trekking in the western Ghat region

Kerala tourism aids recovery

Following the worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a century, World Expeditions is urging travellers to be part of the recovery by visiting now.


The Kerala government estimates one-sixth of the state’s total population has been directly affected by the flood disaster and related incidents. According to World Expeditions CEO, Sue Badyari, tourism is the lifeline to recovery. ‘Rather than avoiding the state following the disaster, we encourage our travellers to do the exact opposite because bringing tourism income to a devastated community is the best way to help it recover.


The crisis has passed and the clean-up is well underway’ she says. ‘Fortunately, the cycling routes and campsites we use on our trips were unaffected by the floods and our trekking routes are situated well above the flooded areas.’ CLICK HERE to see World Expeditions’ South India trips.

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