Volcano Park Rwanda Volcano Park Rwanda

Gorillas apex of The Safari Co

Robyn Galloway of Innovative Travel says travelling through East Africa with The Safari Company recently exceeded all of her expectations. The safari was hosted by New Zealand born Andy Kibby. ‘The gorilla trekking in Volcano Park Rwanda was an incredible highlight. It was amazing to be within a metre of the gorilla families,’ says Galloway. ‘Groups are limited to eight at a time and there is the opportunity to spend an hour close to one family.

The specialist trekkers speak to the gorillas in their own language to reassure them that we’re just passing through, so the families carry on their daily activities as if we’re invisible.’ Galloway says the park covers three countries, including Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. ‘So it is possible to access the park from any of these countries. Since the park has been established the gorilla population has increased by over 300 as locals are committed to their protection.’ The Safari Company has released its 2018 earlybird offers for the 31-day Gorillas and Gameparks tour. Due to increased demand, an additional departure has been added to the 2018 programmes. ‘Kibby’s 25 years experience as a safari host in Africa shows through at every level.’  More info: www.innovativetravel.co.nz/ middle_east/africa_safari_s

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