Point, shoot, relax

Point, shoot, relax

Pangolin Photo Safaris bought a houseboat in 2015, in a move to provide accommodation for clients who have booked one of the company’s photo safaris.

The houseboat has five rooms, ideal for small groups or FIT travellers.

On top of the houseboat, it is opening a lodge in July 2018. Toby Jermyn, Pangolin Photo Safaris, says the lodge is in response to travellers not wanting to stay in hotels.

‘Hotels don’t provide that intimate safari experience. The lodge is designed to inspire the photographers, with artwork over the walls as well as a gallery. We want to create a club atmosphere, where guests can mix and mingle, work on the photographs, and relax.’

The company also offers photography tours of Cape Town, a place Jermyn refers to as a ‘photographic playground’.
‘Everyone does it the same way, in this swarm of tourism,’ he says. ‘But we do hosted tours with our photographers, we do more local stuff that the average tourist doesn’t get to see.’