Air credit, choices from Globus

Air credit, choices from Globus

Globus is offering clients an air credit of up to $2000 per couple on 2019 UK and Europe tours until the end of November 2018 (value of air credit varies on the value of tour).


Globus’ Europe 2019 brochure covers off cities such as London, Paris, Milan, Rome and Venice, plus trending destination, Croatia, and places less travelled, including, the Baltic States, Russia, Scandinavia and Iceland. Itineraries range from seven day Take a Break city tours to 20 day ‘in-depth’ tours – including five Undiscovered Italy tours that Globus family of brands NZ general manager Troy Ackerman describes as, ‘taking travellers off the beaten piazza.’ Ackerman says many Kiwi travellers have ticked off the key cities of Europe and are returning to explore specific regions.

The Undiscovered series includes:

  • 10 days Northern Italy’s Highlights and Cinque Terre
  • Nine days Gems of Umbria and Tuscany
  • Nine days Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy
  • 10 days The Sicilian
  • 14 days Highlights of Sicily and Southern Italy


Standout experiences include feasting on local delights in Modena and Parma or experiencing life in the fast lane with a visit to Maranello, the birthplace of Ferrari. Globus’ Europe 2019 shares ‘more ways to go.’ Ackerman says this ‘incorporates into itineraries the best mode of travel to experience a destination - high-speed trains from London to Paris, canal cruises in Amsterdam, luxury river cruises, ships and ferries.’

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