Gisela March, INPROTUR, Tourism Offce of Argentina; Theresa Brooking, A Walker’s World Gisela March, INPROTUR, Tourism Offce of Argentina; Theresa Brooking, A Walker’s World

Buenos Aires and beyond at Argentina roadshow

Travel agents are being encouraged to promote ‘beyond Buenos Aires’ experiences to their clients and suggest less obvious options such as self-drive.

Gisela March, of INPROTUR – the Tourism Board of Argentina, says that though the country is massive people will enjoy the varying landscapes during a long distance road trip. Most famous of all is Route 40, which stretches up the west of the country parallel to the Andes Ranges. Clients would need a couple of weeks to enjoy the trip. March was in Auckland last night with a group of Argentinian operators for one on one meetings with wholesalers, followed by a function for about 100 travel agents. The occasion was used to officially launch the destination’s new marketing tag line – World Friendly. The message can be adapted to clients’ interests and lifestyle – food friendly, wine friendly, adventure friendly, gay friendly, music and dance (think tango) friendly etc. ‘We really want to explain Argentina to agents and get them to understand the country more. The country can be divided into regions and areas – like the Iguacu Falls and the nearby wetlands, Salta, Mendoza with its famous malbec red wines, and Tierra Del Fuego with its opportunities to join an Antarctica cruise, the glacier district and so much more.’ Facundo Gomez, sales manager of Tower Travel, says that if he had to recommend one area in Argentina that new Zealanders may otherwise miss it would be Chalten in Patagonia. ‘It has spectacular scenery, including Mt Fitzroy and expeditions go there from all over the world. It has spectacular rock climbing and trekking.’ He also recommends the north west for its colours and culture.