Famil dives into Philippines, education sessions planned too

Famil dives into Philippines, education sessions planned too

Travel wholesaler Pack ya Bags is seeking expressions of interest from dive qualified agents who would like to take part in a famil trip to the Philippines in June.

Pack ya Bags director Penny Henderson says the trip is part of an overall push to increase knowledge of niche markets in the destination.

‘We’re looking for six to eight agents who would need to have an open water divers qualification and it will give the trade participants a real opportunity to talk with real credibility to clients.’

Henderson says the company is also planning training sessions for agents around the country focusing on the Philippines in general – but with a highly practical focus.

‘We are looking at starting these in February and are keen to get feedback from agents about when they would like to see us. We’re open to doing morning tea sessions for groups of agents, breakfasts or evening seminars and people are welcome to email me with their preferences.’

She says the sessions will provide a ‘nuts and bolts’ approach to the Philippines.

‘We won’t just be saying what a lovely place it is. There will be an emphasis on accommodation, the types of itineraries available, best times to travel and what products are most suitable for honeymooners, families, divers and other niche markets.’ Henderson says the dive famil will give a specialised group of agents a rare opportunity to see groups of thresher shark and other big fish.

‘We will be heading to the Malapascua region, where the thresher shark has a cleaning station – the small fish clean them off so they are relatively docile while they are there. Normally thresher shark can be quite aggressive and they are not to be messed with.’