Credit card compliance – the IATA heat is on

Credit card compliance – the IATA heat is on

The heat has been turned up on any travel agents who have not ensured they comply with a global security standard to protect confidential payment information against theft.

IATA has set a deadline of 1 March for accredited agents to achieve the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

IATA has written to its accredited agents stating that BSP airlines in the local market will be advised of any agents that fail to comply.

This could lead to action taken by those airlines – including refusing to deal with the non-complying agents.

Travel Agents Association New Zealand chief executive Andrew Olsen says that while TAANZ has some reservation on how PCI compliance and consequences have been handled, the association has been encouraging agents for months in anticipation of the deadline and its consequences.

‘Obviously it is sensible for agents to use credit cards safely. PCI compliance isn’t straightforward and many agents have been quite confused about what to do. Hopefully our continued communications on ‘what to do and how to do it’ are helping.’

Leaders of brands questioned by TRAVELinc Memo late last year all said they were well on track to have all their agents meeting the deadline.