Far right - Stu Udy Far right - Stu Udy

Expedia TAAP rolls out dynamic commission in New Zealand

Expedia TAAP has launched a revenue-sharing model in New Zealand, meaning that agents here can earn varying levels of commission depending on which hotels they book.

Stu Udy, manager travel agent distribution Asia Pacific at Expedia, says the dynamic commission is a slight shift in the way the company pays commission to travel agents, reflecting the ever-changing world of travel distribution.

‘Dynamic Commission (DC) enables Expedia to increase commissions to travel agents where our margins can support it,’ says Udy.

‘The constant cry from the travel industry globally is that margins are shrinking and suppliers are cutting distribution costs. However, many suppliers are wanting to encourage more business and are incentivising agent business.’

Udy says DC enables Expedia TAAP to ‘ride the wave of