Where do you want to go? Click below to find out

Tell us, where did you want to go when you were five, ten or even in your early tween years?

Good news, Excite Holidays is taking you there with the launch of their brand new video, ‘Where Do You Want To Go?’.

Taking you on a journey through the eyes of four children who use their childlike wonder and imagination to be what they want to be and go as far as their dreams will take them, the feel-good video aims to re-inspire travel agents and create a fresh sense of wanderlust. It highlights the importance of travel and the effect that travel agents have on the lives and adventures of their clients.

Vanessa Richards, head of marketing at Excite Holidays says, 'We are living in an era of great creative and advertainment. Content is still king. Creative storytelling and travel are in sync and there is no better way to communicate the feeling travel gives than through video. As an industry, we are in a time where agents need to be re-inspired. Travel is changing, day in, day out. The way it is booked, consumed and experienced. With that comes new challenges. Our goal is to remind our agents of their purpose, value and importance. They are the experts.

'Our new brand video ‘Where Do You Want To Go?’ was created in line with the above. Conceptualised and scripted in-house, we want to transport our agents back to their childhood. To a time where imagination and the magic associated with dreaming was ripe and the world was one giant playground waiting to be explored! When you were a child you didn’t need much. A simple bed sheet could be turned into a castle or a superhero cape. Within the blink of an eye one was a princess on a throne or soaring across a city skyline, saving the world from destruction!

Naturally, travel and dreaming go hand in hand. Dreaming is the first phase of the travel planning cycle, however as we get older we tend to lose the sense of imagination we once had. While we can easily aspire, daily stresses like work and family commitments tend to override the initial feeling of wanting to do. We think too much.

So through the emotional power of a child's eyes, Excite Holidays wants to bring that magic back into our agents lives. Reinvigorate their passion so they can make their clients’ travel dreams a reality. Anything is possible if you just start imagining!'