Lisa King, Eat My Lunch Lisa King, Eat My Lunch

Eat my tourism lunch

There are definite tourism opportunities in partnering with hugely successful social enterprise venture, Eat My Lunch, says co-founder Lisa King.


Speaking at the Tourism Summit Aotearoa, King spoke about the journey from learning to boil eggs under the tutelage of co-founder, chef Michael Meredith, to delivering more than one million meals to schools around New Zealand. We have had tourists volunteer to make lunches for us, she told the Summit. ‘They’ve really enjoyed the experience, is a very unique experience and to have the opportunity to do this is I think wonderful.’


King said Eat My Lunch also works with Contiki Travel Tours. ‘As they travel around country they order our lunches. We’ve also just announced a partnership with Virgin Australia. Their staff were looking for an opportunity to give back, so they sponsored a school in New Zealand, now they talking about an Eat My Lunch option for their passengers. ‘We aim to work with every partner we have in utilising their strengths,’ she added.


– Kathy Ombler

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