Kylie Burnell, Queenstown; Wendy Powell, Auckland Kylie Burnell, Queenstown; Wendy Powell, Auckland

Sustainability key topic

Walking the walk and not just talking when it comes to sustainability and limiting any negative impact on environments and communities is one of the big focus points for NZ Travel Brokers after the group’s conference this year.


Directors Guy Flynn and Steve Lee say NZTB has been talking about this for some time but took a serious step towards doing much more at its Taupo conference over the weekend. ‘We had break out sessions on sustainability during the first day and some great ideas came out of it. We haven’t really scratched the surface yet.’ The Taupo event was held with a background on ‘growth on top of growth’ for NZTB’s business, welcoming some of the Air New Zealand Holidays brokers to the conference for the first time and reporting continually improving sales.


‘This year the growth is stronger than the year before and it will be our best year yet,’ says Flynn. ‘With growth comes challenges around making sure we can look after the business and maintain it. That comes back to being sustainable too.’ The conference learning sessions touched on everything from ergonomics and social media, through to accounting and finance, supplier strategy and sales and marketing. Lee says it is important that brokers continue to improve their business practices even if they feel they are doing particularly well in the current positive business environment. ‘At the moment people are riding the crest of a wave. But our message is don’t rest on your laurels. Keep innovating and doing new things.’ • People in the following photographs are NZ Travel Brokers unless otherwise stated.

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