Viva updates agents on Mexico

Viva updates agents on Mexico

Viva Expeditions reports that all of its local guides, and our friends and family in Mexico are safe and well and the company is sending its thoughts and condolences to the people who have been impacted. 

‘We are gathering more details from reliable sources and local partners and the below is what we know so far,’ says Viva’s Rachel Williams.

  1. All of our clients currently in the affected areas are well and safe.
  2. Mexico City International airport is operating normally.
  3. The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) has temporarily closed all archaeological sites and museums in the impacted areas. They will reopen once precautionary checks take place. 
  4. All the most important hotels in the impacted areas did not report any damages and they are working normally. Only the Hotel Historico Central in Mexico City reported light damages in five rooms yet the rest of the property is fine.
  5. The motorway between Acapulco, Cuernavaca and Mexico City is partially damaged and a detour is required near Chilpancingo. The rest of major motorways and federal roads are fine.
  6. All ground arrangements will operate normally. Some last-minute amendments may occur based on the reopening schedule of museums and archaeological sites. 

In Mexico City, some areas do not have electricity. 

‘We ask you for your understanding and patience as our usual turnaround will be inevitably affected for some days.

‘We will keep agents updated, but we would like you to know that all services are fully functional and we are ready to welcome your clients in Mexico.’