No tour too small

No tour too small

Back-Roads Touring has just launched its 2018 Cruise and Sail brochure that features a range of small-group tours, something country manager New Zealand, Dennis Basham says is a growing trend for the Kiwi market.

The market is growing rapidly as guests are looking to escape the large group scenarios, long lines and wait times. The small-group market allows guests to enjoy local cultural experiences but with full support from a dedicated and experienced guide and driver,’ he says.

‘Overall, the feedback we receive from our valued agents and guests is that there is a general move away from large groups to small group experiences.’

He explains that this is not only happening across the company’s UK & Europe coach tours, but also in France on its Barge Tours and in Croatia on the Sailing Tours.

‘These types of experiences also allow our guests to get up close and personal with the locals allowing for a more interactive experience,’ he explains.

Basham adds that for trade, the biggest opportunity is simply offering small group experiences to clients who at first may not be sure what they are after or even know this type of products exists. 

‘Even a typical self-drive client will find small group experiences useful during certain parts of their bigger itineraries,’ he says.

‘The flexibility to stop when they want, spend more time in those places that totally take them by surprise or simply sit and have another coffee because they are enjoying the chat with the locals you have met is all part of it.’ 

- Sam Worthington