Online booking mishaps

Online booking mishaps

Slowly but surely, travel agents are coming back into their own, says Peter Cox, of Golf Encounters.

And he says publicity about bad experiences with people booking online is part of the reason.

‘Just recently there have been two stories in the media about people being ripped off by booking through a third-party site after thinking they were booking through Airbnb. These experiences will help bring clients back to travel agents for that security and peace of mind.

‘In addition, tours and itineraries, including our own, are made up of many components, which take many hours to put together. While there will always be some people who will ‘do their own thing’, many see the value of joining a tour that has been arranged for them. Prior to us taking over Charlies Golf Tours, the company was selling direct to the public. Having changed this model, it is now worthwhile for travel agents to sell our tours, as commissions are now available.'