‘Leisurely actives’ give company running start

‘Leisurely actives’ give company running start

A Walker’s World / Cycling Europe director Jill Grant says this year has seen the busiest January for the company in memory.

While there a number of possible reasons, one of the most surprising is a slight loss of business confidence since the change of government.

‘During the last recession, we experienced good growth as many clients saw it as an opportune time to travel, seeing as there was a downturn in business at home.’

More expected answers to the growth in business include the increasing number of clients wanting ‘leisurely active’ holidays and the availability of new product and options.

‘We offer all grades, from energetic to easy, and the popularity of electric bike routes has really grown as well. Agents are also discovering that once a client books a walk or bike tour it can be addictive – they want to do it more – so it is great for repeat business.’

‘We notice an upturn in bookings when the brochures are released. I think people still like to sit down with a hard copy and cruise through the pages, backwards and forwards, take it to the beach, bed, on transport etc. The printed brochure is not yet obsolete.

‘New product each year is important as is customising it for the NZ market. Kiwis (and Australians too) travel for different reasons to British, European, and American clients so we look for those elements that satisfy their thirst for travel and incorporate them in our trips.’

Grant says early January has ‘whizzed by’ at a frenetic pace with an ‘unusual number of bookings’ for this time of year.

‘The beginning of January is usually the time to ‘get the house in order’ before people get back to work after their Christmas break. However, this year the ‘housekeeping has been shelved indefinitely.’