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Tech at forefront of service quality, evolution in travel

Tech at forefront of service quality, evolution in travel

Technology and how it is disrupting the industry was a major theme when Orbit World Travel held its first ever travel seminar for the Waikato and Bay of Plenty recently.

Roger Gray, group general manager for Airports Air NZ, detailed how much technology dictates service quality.

‘We see that there is a huge growth in mobile capacity amongst people, and that is the way we want to engage. The mobile app will become core to the way people check in, engage with and continue to deal with us,’ he says.

‘Mobile will take precedence in our digital development.’

Gray explains how this is especially so with emergency updates and disrupts in mind.

‘Once people are on mobile during a disrupt, you have an opportunity to immediately communicate with them,’ he says.

Andrea Stowers, product manager at Orbit, also updated the industry, adding to the technology focus.

‘There are things like virtual reality that give that extra experience to the guests. It’s also good for advertising, and hotels around the world are using it now,’ she says.

‘One of our hotel partners M Social has an app for guests to use to unlock their room. All guests need to do is download the app before they arrive, self-check-in, and then they can unlock their room, so there is no need for a key.’

Stowers also says Orbit works with industry disruptors in both accommodation and transport, including business options available for Airbnb, Expedia and Uber – while still keeping up with the more traditional operators too.