Seniors, solo women hit the go button

Seniors, solo women hit the go button

A growing trend towards ‘senior gap years’ and other experiential travel by baby boomers provides opportunities for agents, according to a report released in New Zealand yesterday.


The Tides of Change, produced by TRA for Flight Centre Travel Group, says that people are using their older years to travel. Sean Berenson, GM product, Flight Centre NZ, backs the finding and says baby boomers are more active, discerning and confident about travel than the generations before them. ‘For a growing segment there is now a greater appetite for tailored experiential travel,’ Berenson says. ‘Senior travellers now want to go on food and wine adventures, river cruises, or self drive journeys where they have the freedom to simply hit cruise control and navigate their own way.’


The report points out that research has found the average age of solo holidaymakers is 57 years old. It says solo female travellers outnumber male travellers by almost two to one, with Sri Lanka, India and Peru among their most popular destinations. The report also found that more travellers in general are seeking ‘self improvement’ through a holistic approach to wellness that encompasses physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. Sue Matson, general manager retail, Flight Centre NZ says a new trend with Travel Associates customers suggests that luxury travellers are increasingly motivated by an internal transformational journey. ‘Motivated by self-reflection and development, transformative travellers seek authentic experiences that reach a deeper emotional level and align with their own personal values, passions and aspirations,’ she says. • See earlier story on the Tides of Change report in yesterday’s One Minute Memo

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