Jordana Borensztajn in full swing at Cruise360 Jordana Borensztajn in full swing at Cruise360

Share to boost business

Travel agents have been urged to embrace ‘shared story telling’ as a key part of their marketing on social media.


Speaking at Cruise360, social media strategist Jordana Borensztajn said agents should make ‘their clients the stars’ and in the process create powerful brand advocates. ‘Your clients have just gone on holiday, they have amazing photos, they’re relaxed and happy – this is your chance to shine. ‘With their permission you can promote their happy holiday and your work. Tag them and they will share and comment – and give them incentives to tag you. It is an easy cycle.’


Borensztajn says agents are in an enviable position when it comes to potentially having access to clients’ photos and comments. ‘Too much content is an amazing problem to have. And what’s more powerful, you talking about your business or your clients talking about you?’ She says when agents are thinking about their social media strategies they should come up with some umbrella topics such as European holidays, luxury cruise, family holidays etc. ‘What areas do you specialise in and have a major passion in? What do you actually want to say – are you educating, informing, entertaining? Does your message actually support your goals?’

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