Aaron Russ, director of Wild Earth Travel Aaron Russ, director of Wild Earth Travel

Pied piper approach can pay off for travel agents

Playing ‘pied piper’ is often a successful strategy for travel agents looking to develop a niche and point of difference, says Aaron Russ, director of Wild Earth Travel.


Russ says the trend toward agents escorting their own tours is prominent out of Australia, but there are also some good examples of New Zealand agents and brokers doing this too. ‘If you really want to build a relationship with your clients, there is nothing better to do than go on holiday with them for two or three weeks.’ He says many clients appreciate a lot of direction from their travel expert. ‘The agent is saying ‘hey this is good enough for me and you should join me’. That can be powerful. ‘But if you take that step you have to do a good job and go the extra mile for your clients.’ www.wildearth-travel.com

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