Nathan Farmer Nathan Farmer

Accentuate difference to AU market

While New Zealand’s distance from many international markets is often a major focus, it is Australia’s proximity that can present its own challenges, the CAPA New Zealand Summit was told.


‘We often forget that we can be too close to their own normal,’ says Nathan Farmer, of Big Picture. ‘We need to focus on what is different.’ He says another difficulty is that Australians just assume that New Zealand will always be there. ‘We talk to people in their 50s and 60s who say they have always wanted to go to New Zealand but just haven’t got round to it yet.’ Farmer says shorter trips have a role to play in the Australian market. ‘For short Accentuate difference to Aussie market breaks we need to have a purpose – a conference, a concert, VFR (visiting friends and relatives) etc. And everything has to be super close – so we need to start talking about the five minute walk from a hotel to the ferry, and the 15 minute ferry ride to Devonport.’ ‘They need something different every day, they don’t want to think they are flying into a smaller Sydney. Volcanoes and out of the ordinary landscapes, that works well.'

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