Winter, what’s that?

Winter, what’s that?

To sell New Zealand as a year round destination, the tourism industry should avoid the word winter, says Nathan Farmer of Big Picture.


Speaking at the CAPA Summit in Auckland last week, Farmer said that as soon as winter is mentioned ‘everyone thinks snow and freezing.’ He says instead, promoters should talk about the months of May through September. ‘In New York or Beijing your own version of winter is your frame of reference.’


He says visitors need to realise they can experience what New Zealand has to offer any time of the year. ‘They may explore differently, perhaps think about day trips – hub and spoke. ‘When people think about a holiday in New Zealand they think about the things they can ‘tick off’ and much of what they want to do is outdoors. There is often the assumption these things will be closed. So we need to showcase all of our activities in images that create a sense of choice and availability throughout the year. ‘If you can tick off your (desired) activities, that is your holidays achieved.

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