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Career coaching for potential

By Belinda Peddie, TMS Talent

Career coaching, is not just another fancy buzz word. In reality it’s something that could give tourism and travel professionals the edge needed to take their career to the next level, according to the Auckland-based recruitment team manager at a leading staffing agency.

‘More travel and hospitality professionals could benefit from career coaching,’ says Belinda Peddie, of TMS Talent. ‘Maximising your career potential is not just about the number of years you have accumulated, but it’s also about what strategic career moves you have made, and the skills you have acquired

along the way. Not everyone knows where they are heading in their career; guidance from a professional can help you advance into a new career/role, develop new skills, and or, achieve a salary increase.
‘A Career Coach helps by asking those thought provoking questions; they challenge you to think outside of the square and are able to help you examine your ability and discover your true potential; in other words: are you happy in your current role? Are you still learning? What are you doing to reach your career goals?
'Essentially, a Career Coach helps you to get outside your comfort zone and identify your transferrable skills and strengths, inspiring and empowering you to take action.
‘Of the candidates we see, those who have had some form of career coaching or mentoring, are far clearer on the roles they wish to pursue and, present much more confidently to potential employers. Having your career goals defined and spending time each week developing your personal brand, as well as industry and client networks, makes you far more valuable to future employers.
‘So, how do you get you and your CV noticed i.e. where the job ‘finds’ you and it’s not you searching for a job?’
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