Embrace cloud connectivity Embrace cloud connectivity

Embrace cloud connectivity

Travel management companies, plus hospitality and transport providers, have been urged to embrace cloud-based apps and recognise how essential connectivity has become for corporate travellers.


‘Since businesses are putting more systems and data in the cloud, business travellers expect to be as productive when they’re on the road as they would be in the office,’ says Matthew Goss. Business travellers, therefore, expect to turn on their smart devices and get to work while on longhaul flights, overnight stays, or even at the airport. Hotels and transport services that don’t offer strong, secure, and accessible connectivity are likely to be low on the list for business travellers.’


Goss says when it comes to travel management, cloudbased systems make it easier for travellers to stay on top of their plans, even when they change. ‘Cloud-based apps let travellers see what’s booked and incorporate information that may affect their plans. ‘For example, weather forecasts or political unrest may make it likely that flights will be delayed or travel to that region may be dangerous. Smart cloudbased applications can apply artificial intelligence to this data to minimise the costs associated with travel disruption.’


Goss adds that when travel plans are stored in hard copy formats, in disparate emails, or on hard drives, it becomes far more difficult to get an overarching view of the trip’s itinerary, let alone the factors that could influence it. ‘And, if flights and accommodation need to be rescheduled, tracking back through emails and confirmations can make this incredibly time consuming and costly. When the information is stored together on a cloud-based travel app, travellers can quickly and seamlessly make the changes they need to make, then get on with their work.’