Janine Mallon Janine Mallon

Declutter the internet

Embracing the research that clients do online but the taking the core information and ‘decluttering it’ to make a tailored experience is a major key to success for the modern day travel designer, according to a double TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards winner.


Dunedin-based Janine Mallon of The Travel Brokers won the best individual broker award in 2017 and then followed that up when Tasty Tours – Worldwide Travel and Cruise Specialist (which she owns) won the best broker team last year. ‘Success really does come down to your personalised service. And not having walk-ins means we (brokers) can spend more time on things like frequent flyer points, seat selection and bag allowances – they often take longer than booking a flight these days.’ Mallon says another important factor of her business is not only concentrating on the big, complex trips. We can do the $80,000 luxury trips to Africa but we also sell domestic. Nothing is too small for us and we are always conscious of not turning away the bread and butter.’


Since starting with The Travel Brokers in 2010 (after working in the industry for about eight years before that) Mallon has noticed a trend towards teams. ‘At the start they were predominantly lone brokers, working from home, but we have seen the emergence of a lot more team environments. We are on the 7th floor of a building so we are a mini agency without the street front.’ Mallon’s thoughts come as nominations for this year’s National Travel industry Awards get set to close, and she highly recommends that people take a shot at their relevant category. ‘I definitely encourage others to go for it. It is an involved process but the accolades at the end are worth it. We don’t really shout about our success (as an industry) so it is a nice way to be recognised. • Nominations close today – so this is agents’ and suppliers’ last chance: taanz.org.nz/ntia/ntia-nomination-forms/

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