More from our Covid-19 survey

More from our Covid-19 survey

What travel trends do you think you will see post Covid-19?

‘All principals (cruising, air and packages) should push New Zealand, South Pacific and Australia to get people interested. Full marketing in our back yard.’

Which airlines / travel brands are handling the current situation well?

‘Air New Zealand has been handling this well and given clear direction from the beginning. Sales support has been easy to get hold of by phone or email.’ ‘Viking needs a mention in making the call early on to cease operating and protecting our commission on cancelled cruises and then offering clients great incentives to hold as a credit rather than a refund.’

Do you think there is going to be a spike in demand for domestic travel that trade can take advantage of?

‘Most likely, however, people whose holidays have been affected this year have credits held with international carriers and suppliers. Existing business will have more incentive to travel abroad, but new enquiry might choose a more local travel option due to finance / movement limitations.’

What channels are you getting your Covid-19 travel updates from? ‘Airline updates, airline websites, consolidator daily email.’ ‘IATA website, airline updates and agency pages, MFAT and travel media.’ It’s not too late to have your say.

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