Carolyn Childs Carolyn Childs

Safe travel, with excitement

While health, safety and security will move up the priority list when customers choose their next travel experience post Covid, there is likely to also be a segment looking to take a ‘dream trip’ without too much delay, an international tourism expert recovery series has heard.

Carolyn Childs, chief executive officer of My Travel Experience in Australia, says that some people will feel their ability to travel in the future may be tenuous.

‘It won’t only be about safety. People will be thinking ‘God forbid that the next pandemic will be worse, so I want to travel as soon as I can.’ At the same time safety will have more effect in the way people choose destinations and experiences. The cautiously extravagant traveller will seek more reassurance so (suppliers) need to tick that box.

‘But it is still going to be important to get people excited first and then have that helpful piece about how you will be looking after your travellers’ health.’

Moderator of the Keeping the Dream Alive series Ged Brown, CEO of Low Season Travellers, says research showed at the beginning of the pandemic that people did not want to travel.

‘Now they are saying that once the world starts to open up they will feel like travelling again.’

Childs emphasises that the consumer mindset is continuing to change.

‘One of the motivations will be to connect – and that’s good because domestic travel is dialling up. None of us can predict what will happen. The real gurus here are the customers.’

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