Tammy Marshall Tammy Marshall

Nostalgia and simplicity for travel recovery

When travellers look ahead to their next holiday, they may also look back in time, the latest edition of the international Tourism Expert Recovery webinar series has heard.

Sydney based Tammy Marshall, chief executive officer of the B Hive, says the search for nostalgia has become prevalent while populations have been locked down – with classic movies and songs being accessed more than ever. ‘People are tapping into fond memories, looking back at a fun and stress-free era. This is even more important (than usual) in a crisis.

‘As people come out of isolation the travel industry should be wondering how it can tap into nostalgia.’ She says people are likely to be thinking about the old days of getting in their car and going on long road trips, siting around campfires toasting marshmallows, and even ‘roughing it’ to get back to nature.

‘There has been a big surge in people going for bike rides. People will be looking for outdoor activities, getting into nature. I think this will take us back to a simpler time.’ In her address, Crisis and Innovation, Marshall said it was also important to be clear about what companies offered customers and not overwhelm them with choice when they are ready to travel again.

‘When it comes to curation, less really is more. People will want to look through the clutter. They will want to spend less time researching; too much choice creates much uncertainty. In a time of crisis people are looking for simplicity.’ She says people in the travel and tourism industries need to stay abreast of the green shoots. ‘We know people will travel again when they can. Most of us want to leave this groundhog day behind.’

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