Christchurch coming alive

Christchurch coming alive

Christchurch is taking advantage of its vibrant street art and mural scene that has become a strong element of the city’s identity.

Visitors can now go deeper and learn more about the individual works and artists behind the artworks by doing a 1.5-hour guided tour through the CBD with Watch This Space.

Watch This Space aims to inspire people to look at things a bit differently as they take in the ever-changing cityscape.

The tour uses some of the city’s biggest murals as marking points, exploring why, when and how they were created.

‘Often the term ‘street art’ is tied into large-scale murals – those massive, beautiful, colourful, vibrant sort of additions,’ says tour guide Dr Reuben Woods.

‘But the roots of this culture come from a much more underground and subversive engagement with the urban landscape.’