Azra Alagic and Gary Waldon, co-founders of localyokl Azra Alagic and Gary Waldon, co-founders of localyokl

Aussie operator moves into NZ

Localyokl, a curated online platform that connects travellers with local guides around Australia for a more immersive and personalised travel experience, has just announced a New Zealand expansion within the next six months.

‘Our Kiwi cousins are renowned for their adventurous spirit and doing things differently. New Zealand is hearing the demand for more local, unique and immersive experiences by travellers and we see locals helping deliver on that demand,’ says Azra Alagic, co-founder.

Localyokl came to fruition because Alagic and co-founder Gary Waldon struggled to find authentic, immersive experiences in their own travels, away from organised group tours. The move into the Kiwi market, Alagic says, is helped by her and Waldon’s love for the country.

‘We’ve spent many a holiday exploring this beautiful country and we can’t wait to showcase it to the rest of the world with the help of New Zealand locals,’ she says. ‘Over the next six months we’ll be calling for New Zealand locals to sign up to localyokl so they can start showing the hidden gems from their cities/towns to travellers.’ Localyokl has already established itself on the Gold Coast and has launched experiences in other states too.

‘When travellers come on an experience with one of our locals they always leave saying it was the best experience they have ever had and they would always travel with a localyokl in the future.’ But how does it all work?

Alagic says its quite simple, really. ‘Our guides sign up for free, create their unique experience, nominate their available times and set their own price. Once they go through our approval process, which includes a security and quality check, their experience goes live,’ she explains. For travel agents, the company has set up an affiliate programme to work with localyokl so that they can sell the experiences too. ‘It’s a simple sign up process with direct booking capabilities and at the end of the month they get commission on experiences they have sold,’ adds Alagic.