A big turn out for the 2018 Travel Summit... Scott Tasker, Auckland Airport addresses the room A big turn out for the 2018 Travel Summit... Scott Tasker, Auckland Airport addresses the room

TRENZ - NZ’s growth opportunities

Speakers explored a number of opportunities that could up visitation to New Zealand, especially in the low season, when The Auckland Airport International Travel Summit 2018 was held in Dunedin yesterday ahead of TRENZ. Kiwi broadcaster Alison Mau opened the event, with Scott Tasker, GM of aeronautical commercial at Auckland Airport one of the key speakers who touched on change, and the different ways the industry can navigate it.

‘Since 2016 we’ve had seven new airlines arrive on our shores and have seen 16% capacity added. Global air tracffic has grown by 60% in the last 10 years too,’ says Tasker. ‘The challenge for us here in NZ is to ensure that we continue to get that share of growth. Aircraft technology advancements has been a key fundamental in leading us down the path of that growth and on top of a period of relatively low fuel costs, this has led to a lot of long haul routes being profitable to New Zealand.’ Tasker adds that as a country, New Zealand is also quite lucky because it is an easy place for airlines to launch new services too.

‘We’re doing a great job and have managed to turn around shoulder season. The high season is still growing, but the shoulder season is growing faster,’ he says. However, with all that growth, Tasker points out that New Zealand does continue to underperform in the cooler parts of the year – June to September. ‘Investment in businesses in the tourism industry continues to be impacted by the soft period of the year. These things aren’t easy to solve,’ he says. ‘At Auckland airport it is very much a partnership approach. We all need to grow together if we are going to make this work and New Zealand as a destination is well positioned for that growth.

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