Leah Morresey Leah Morresey

TAANZ Awards: Helping people out of their usual boundaries

More people are looking for experiences outside the boundaries of their day to day life, increasingly providing opportunities for travel agents, says Leah Morresey, a finalist in the Best Travel Consultant – Retail category.


‘Most people are time poor, so the expertise I offer not only brings to the table new and fresh ideas but also quick and clever booking solutions. ‘For example, food is a bigger and more important part of clients’ travel experience. It’s a big way of experiencing a new culture and with all the social media now, this helps people share their experience. So the visual elements are also more important.’ Morresey says having knowledge about these experiences is retail consultants’ ‘power against the internet’.


Morresey is senior consultant at YOU Travel Feilding and started there in April 2014 (when it was United Travel) as a part-time consultant with no retail experience. ‘With the passion I had for the industry, I knew that learning and working hard, gaining clients’ trust and building relationships, provided the potential to excel.’ The office in Feilding, Manawatu has a mixture of clients, including people who have moved down from Auckland. ‘Flight prices and new direct destinations have had a big influence on travel and on making the world more accessible – both cost and time wise. This reflects on to our office – which is always busy throughout the year.’ Morresey says one travel trend is towards smaller groups of friends or like minded people who like to have their itineraries customised for their particular interest and only having one person acting as their group organiser.’

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