Tok Tok pre-famil in Efate

Tok Tok pre-famil in Efate

Agents were treated to a glimpse of what Vanuatu has to offer before Tok Tok kicked off on Thursday last week. Agents started the tour off with Evergreen Vanuatu, a leading indigenous inbound tour operator that covers Vanuatu’s major tourist islands. As the largest indigenous tour operator in Vanuatu, Evergreen has the knowledge on the inside spots to see throughout Vanuatu as well as local custom and culture.

The day tour had four stops – first at a village where the locals explained their customs and traditions, how they lived off the land and why nature is so important. Next stop was Blue Lagoon, which shows off the blue waters that Vanuatu is known for. Agents then headed to Turtle Bay at Naiwe Beach, which showcases the natural sea life in the area. Clients can swim with the turtles, hold baby turtles and see ‘Big Mama’ turtle, who is 200 years old, amongst other sea and land creatures. Mele Cascade falls was the last stop and it shouldn’t be missed with a series of clear aquamarine pool terraces up the hillside, culminating in a 35m waterfall flowing into a natural plunge pool.

- Patrea Robson

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