Volcano Ambae: Tourists safe

Volcano Ambae: Tourists safe

Vanuatu Tourism Office and Air Vanuatu say that international tourism is unlikely to be affected by the volcanic activity on Ambae Island.

In a statement NF says: ‘Whilst not wishing to make light of the situation in Ambae, currently, approximately 8000 people have been evacuated from the eastern side of the island as volcanic ash is contaminating the water supplies.

‘The alert is on a relatively confined basis and this is not currently affecting air services either to Ambae itself or the rest of the Air Vanuatu network.’

VTO’s new Zealand rep Jacquie Carson says Ambae is a small island in the Penma Province, not highly visited by tourists.

‘The situation on Ambae is not impacting other more populated and tourist-focused destinations. Tanna volcano remains accessible to visitors and its operations have not been affected.’