Savaii vs Upolu

Savaii vs Upolu

Most tourists to Samoa say they wish they had come to the island of Savaii first, rather than the more popular Upolu, according to Kelly Walker, manager of Savaii Lagoon Resort.

Walker says ninety percent of the resort’s business comes from New Zealand, it’s popular with families because of the self-catering kitchens and safe beach, as well as the 60s+ market because of the peaceful location.

‘Many people come for a month and have been doing so for the last 10 years,’ she says.

Walker says the island of Savaii becomes a favourite with tourists because it’s quieter than Apia (the capital city), and offers experiences Upolu does not.

‘We are five minutes drive from the turtle sanctuary, and our food offering is something we pride ourselves on,’ she says. Indeed, the group on the recent Samoa Tourism and Samoa Airways famil agreed the food at Savaii Lagoon Resort was some of the best food they had tried so far in Samoa. Some of the members ordered the papaya seafood salad twice in one dinner sitting.



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